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Today in delicious offseason moments: Tigers hold sandwich-making competition

Tigers hold delicious sandwich-making competition

During the season, MLB players are, well, professional baseball players. But during the offseason, they can be anything they want. For a few Tigers, the team's Winter Caravan Tour was the chance to be competitive culinary architects.

It wasn't exactly "Iron Chef," but the Tigers paired with Lipari Foods to hold a sandwich making contest. Yes, competitive sandwich making: delicious and thrilling. This is how the Tigers entered the sandwich-making facility to ticker tape parade levels of fanfare:


That, folks, is a crowd AMPED for some sandwich making.

The contestants: Brad Ausmus, Victor Martinez and Justin Verlander (and corresponding Lipari employees).

The judges: Alex Avila, Ian Kinsler and David Price.

The materials: Various deli meats and cheeses, typical sandwich fixings (including lettuce and tomato, rolls and bread, grit, heart).

The criteria: "Presentation … The type of sandwich, how much meat versus how much vegetable," according to Avila.


It was a nail-biter, but ultimately the winner was … drum (sesame) roll please ….

Team No. 2, featuring Victor Martinez.

Let Avila describe the triumphant sandwich: "In the end, what kind of tipped Team 2 over the edge was the hoagie roll. It was a nice foot-long sub, with that many deli products you want a nice foot-long sub … It's a classic."

So Martinez went the classis route. What about his competition?

"Justin resorted to trying to bribe us," Avila said.

Ah yes. Well, congratulations Victor. Next up, you have to challenge sandwich maker extraordinaire Joe Maddon for title of MLB's Best Sandwich Architect, as judged by me and my stomach.

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