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Today in 'The powers of Derek Jeter': Player using Jeter's locker kicks game-winner in Pinstripe Bowl

PSU player using Jeter's locker kicks game-winner

Though played at Yankee Stadium, we didn't think that the newly retired Derek Jeter would have an impact on the Pinstripe Bowl -- a college football game between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Boston College Eagles played in the middle of MLB's offseason. But we were wrong.

The game was a close one, you see. As in "game-winning extra point" close.

Penn State's kicker Sam Ficken put the Lions ahead in overtime, hitting the extra point after a Penn State touchdown to give the Lions a one-point win, 31-30.

That might seem like a crazy ending, but looking back, we should've seen it coming. Because of all the lockers at Yankee Stadium, Ficken used Jeter's for the game Saturday.

Yes, the player using Jeter's old locker hit the walk-off extra point in the Pinstripe Bowl. Sound familiar?


Apparently, the powers of Derek Jeter know no bounds.

"It's kind of a funny thing," Ficken said after the game. We'll say.

What's the old saying -- "You can't make this stuff up?"

Yeah, that. 

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