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Todd Frazier saved from headfirst tumble into dugout by mysterious Padres player

Conrad Brooks saves Todd Frazier from dugout fall

Never let it be said that Todd Frazier is unwilling to sacrifice his body to make a play.

While chasing down a foul ball on Wednesday, the Reds infielder banged into the railing of the home dugout and would have fallen in head first … had it not been for the heroics of the Padres:


But who is that Superman in sunglasses? There's no sign of a beard, so it can't be Andrew Cashner. Could it be Jedd Gyorko, finally free of his protective boot? Let's take another look:


Gasp! It's Brooks Conrad, not seen in a Major League dugout since 2012, when he was an infielder for the Rays. Wednesday was his first day with his new team, and surely he wanted to prove that he hadn't lost his impeccable sense of timing:

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