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Todd Frazier's Heimlich honored by Dr. Heimlich himself

Todd Frazier has received a lot of praise for the Heimlich Maneuverhe performed on a Pittsburgh native last month, but none higher than the thanks he got on Tuesday.

Frazier met with Dr. Henry Heimlich, the man who invented the life-saving procedure in 1974, the Reds took on the Brewers at Great American Ball Park. Heimlich presented the Reds third baseman with a “Save-a-Life” award to recognize his heroic actions.

“What he did, it’s amazing for the promotion of safety,” said Heimlich. “From Todd’s actions, many people can hear about the maneuver and learn to properly use it in case a similar incident happened when they are in the vicinity.”

Frazier was quick to act when he saw the man choking, employing the life-saving technique he learned in a high school health class.

“I said ‘I think that dude is choking over there,’" Frazier said. "He was a little obese and there were two women side-by-side trying to give him the Heimlich. [Rycan Ludwick] said get over there because I was the closest one. So I went over there and was yelling at them to get out of the way. They did and I gave two pumps and it came out.”

-- Will Frasure