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Todd Helton returned to Coors Field for the #RocktoberReunion and a hug with Nolan Arenado

The 2007 Rockies were a special bunch, making it all the way to the World Series after winning a dramatic National League Wild Card Tiebreaker against the Padres at Coors Field to advance to the Division Series.

With San Diego in town again on Friday night, the Rockies took the opportunity to pay tribute to that '07 team before their 6-1 win, welcoming fan favorite Todd Helton back to the ballpark.

It was that reunion that helped facilitate this wonderful photograph of Helton sharing a warm embrace with third baseman Nolan Arenado:


Helton also paid a visit to the booth for some reminiscing (and jokes) with his former teammate and current Rockies broadcaster, Ryan Spilborghs, as seen in the clip atop this post. 

Just like old times.