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Tom Brady wished David Ortiz good luck on the eve of his final postseason

Sunday's 2-1 loss to the Blue Jays marked David Ortiz's final regular-season game at Fenway Park. Just about everybody paid their respects, from former teammates to local politicians to even foreign dignitaries

But while it was certainly an emotional day for all of New England, there's still some more business to attend to -- namely, the postseason, which begins for Papi and the Red Sox with ALDS Game 1 in Cleveland on Thursday night. So, as a man intimately familiar with postseason success in Boston, Tom Brady took to his Facebook page on Tuesday to wish Ortiz good luck rather than goodbye. And, of course, to offer some insight into retirement through inspirational T-shirts:

 Be careful what you wish for, Tom -- if this season is any indication, he might just take your job next.