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Caleb Joseph's smash straight up the middle somehow went in between Tom Koehler's legs

The Orioles fell to the Blue Jays, 4-3, on Monday, but catcher Caleb Joseph hit a baseball where he's probably never (or never will) hit one.

Batting in the top of the seventh against Tom Koehler, Joseph had the perfect chance to bring the Orioles closer with a runner on second in a 4-2 game. He came through, but he hit the ball so hard that it almost ricocheted off Koehler as it sailed up the middle.

Given that the ball came off Joseph's bat at 103.6 mph, it's a wonder that it didn't hit Koehler at all -- that's the definition of "between the wickets."

Apparently, Koehler's just good at narrowly avoiding flying objects on the mound.