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After 64 years of Dodgers service, Tommy Lasorda is far from done

Legendary Dodger Tommy Lasorda has been a part of the organization for 64 years, and he's not done yet.

He turned 86 on Sept. 22, but if he gets his way, he'll still be a regular presence at Dodger Stadium for at least another 14 years -- maybe more, if, in his words, the "big Dodger in the sky" is cooperative.

"He's going to call me one day, and I'm going to go up and see all the ex-Dodgers up there," Lasorda said, after throwing out the first pitch before Game 4 of the NLCS. "I've got about 14-15 more years to be a part of the Dodgers organization."

When it's time, though, Lasorda knows who he'd like to see first in Dodger heaven -- pitcher Don Drysdale, who passed away at the age of 56 in 1993.

"I roomed with him in Triple-A. I worked with him and he went on to be one of the great pitchers of our game," Lasorda said. "If I could only see him again and tell him how much I enjoyed him, how much I appreciated what he's done for me."

But make no mistake -- Lasorda isn't asking to speed up the reunion.

"The big Dodger in the sky can take me when I reach 100," he said.