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Welcome 2018 in style by looking back on baseball's best celebrations from the last year

Soon, 2017 will be over and we'll be in a brand new year. This one's not over yet, though, so with numerous New Year's Eve parties across the globe on the horizon, it's time to toast 2017 by remembering the season's best celebrations.

Homers spark a lot of excitement, but playoff clinchers are something else. The Astros did plenty of celebrating in the wake of winning their first ever World Series title:

Sometimes, these celebrations are just like the final moments before the new year when you're waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square -- the Nationals and Twins both saw their playoff spots secured while watching TV as well:

You can mentally hear the "Three... two... one."

New Year's Eve is a time for friends and family to come together in a frenzy, just as those of Braves first-round pick Kyle Wright did for him when he was drafted in June:

The party can be with friends, as demonstrated by the Cubs and Red Sox ...



... or it can even just be with family, no matter if you're Kenley Jansen or a joyous fan:



Just make sure that all your clocks are properly timed so you don't pull a Team Netherlands and start going crazy a tad too early.


Also, it's fun to bounce around in exuberance, but just ask Whit Merrifield and Deven Marrero about what happens if you aren't careful enough:

You might want these memories for a long time too, so ask a friend to film it, TOE-Night Show style:


If you're not sure what to wear to the party, perhaps a friend can loan you a shirt so that you're ready for the best selfie, like Brewers prospect Monte Harrison:


If you think that having to clean up a little bit means that the party will die down, don't fret -- Jose Abreu proved you can take out the trash mid-celebration, too:


So, pop the bubbly and celebrate 2018.