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Travis Jankowski, owner of some gorgeous flowing locks, reveals his shampoo preference

Travis Jankowski has amazing hair, this much is obvious. His long flowing blonde locks are like a combination of an extra from "Point Break" (the original, natch) and the lead singer from your favorite band when you were 14. Just look at this -- you could launch 1,000 teenage vampire romances with hair this good:


One intrepid fan wanted his shot at a mane that good. And while a mere mortal can never match it, the Padres outfielder did give a tip as to how to at least approach it when he shared his favorite shampoo while in the Edward Jones Chatting Cage on Friday. 


If you desire hair that is soft, silky and voluminous, well, watch the above video. And then stare at the photo below. Sure, it's still life, but can't you just feel the wind whipping through it?