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Turns out baseball's more fun with exotic animals

It's not uncommon to see animals at the ballpark, it's just that fans are probably more prone to seeing a parrot or a young bear than the type of exotic animals you'd find in Brian Fellow's green room. Wildlife Day at Globe Life Park in Arlington would be the exception to that rule.

The Rangers teamed up with the Dallas Zoo to host a bunch of animals that Zach Galifianakis will probably try to steal from Mike Tyson's crib in The Hangover Part XVI, and the Mariners broadcast team had a bit of fun with the occasion. After some confusion about whether what they were seeing was an aardvark, Aaron Goldsmith and Mike Blowers were able to inform the public that the animal you see below is in fact a collared anteater:

Wildlife Day Anteater

The M's fell to Texas 8-6, though Robinson Cano finally put one in the seats. But, the real action came later when a couple of Morgan Freeman's pals scampered across the diamond, much to the delight of everyone with eyes and a heart.

Wildlife Day Penguins

Motion to make every day at the ballpark Wildlife Day, because cuddles.

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