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Two families. 30 ballparks. 1 goal.

One way to learn geography is to take a class in school. Another way is to go to all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

The Henshon and Lingle families were both in Miller Park on Friday night and in the midst of a trip that is taking them to every ballpark in the country.

Andy Lingle (father) and his family have been to over half already. So far, they've visited Boston, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago (both North and South side), Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St. Petersburg, Philadelphia, Anaheim, San Diego, Arizona, Colorado, the old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and now, Milwaukee. Lingle sees it as a great way to enjoy other cities, cultures, and ways of life outside of their home.

Matthew Henshon, along with his wife and three boys, are nearing the halfway mark of their stadium crawl. Having already been to their hometown field (Fenway Park), the Red Sox and Pirates fans have seen Citi Field, Nationals Park, all five stadiums in California and both Chicago venues. The Henson kids love baseball so much that they chose Nationals Park over a tour of The White House.

Good work, boys.

-- Adam DeCock / Real-Time Correspondent

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