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Two sharknadoes blew through the Nationals Presidents Race on Friday

Two sharknadoes blow through Nationals Presidents Race

We should all be troubled by the huge increase in sharknado frequency that's been observed recently. Virtually unheard of before 2013, we've experienced an average of one per year since then, all chronicled by the documentarians over at the Syfy channel. The release of Sharknado 2: The Second One has affected ceremonial first pitches in MLB and who knows what else.

The most alarming effect that sharknadoes are liable to have on the baseball ecosystem is where the Nationals Presidents Race is concerned. We saw the devastating results that just one sharknado can have on it last year, and during Friday's game, TWO sharknadoes wreaked utter destruction upon the proceedings:


George Washington was ultimately able to prevail, but we have to ask what this all means. I'll go with our conclusion from last time: that a sharknado is aiming for the presidency itself:


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