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Update: No, Adrian Beltre getting his head touched will never get old

Adrian Beltre is in his 19th season in the big leagues. He's played in more than 2,600 games for four different teams over that time, during which he's hit 422 dingers and scored 1,366 runs. Which can only mean one thing: There have been many, many opportunities to touch Beltre's head.

His teammates have touched his head in the dugout. They've touched his head after games. They've touched his head during games. At this point, after nearly two decades of everyone's favorite near-death experience, you might think it's running the risk of getting old -- watch Sideshow Bob step on rake after rake and eventually the day will come when you stop laughing, right?

Perhaps, but we are pleased to inform you that today is not that day. For after Beltre went yard during Friday's 7-3 win over the Mariners, an entire team full of prospective head-touchers was waiting for him, and it was as hilarious as ever:


At this rate, Beltre could play for the next 50 years and it would still be one of baseball's very best traditions. In fact, we might have to insist on that, Adrian.