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Virginia's Ernie Clement takes flight to rob Vanderbilt of a hit in CWS final

Ernie Clement takes flight to rob Vanderbilt of hit

For untold millennia, man has dreamed of flying -- of taking off from the ground and soaring high above the horizon. Unable to will our bodies to grow wings, and with anti-gravity boots not yet real, we resorted to building enormous, metal creations that boggle the mind and rocket through the air. But it was all just a substitute for the real thing. 

Which isn't a problem for Ernie Clement. As Clement and his University of Virginia is For Lovers Baseball team (You mean, that's not the team's name?) took on Vanderbilt in Game 1 of the College World Series finals on Monday night, the second baseman took flight. The fact that he also robbed left fielder Jeren Kendall of a base hit while he was soaring over the ground was just a bonus. 

Unfortunately, despite Clement doing what the Wright brothers never could, Virginia lost Game 1 of the three game series, 5-1. The two teams square off again on Tuesday night at 7 pm ET.