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Why didn't David Price pitch the 7th inning on Sunday? Justin Verlander solves the case

Verlander solves mystery of missing Tigers starter

And now, an excerpt from the upcoming "The Case of the Missing David Price: A Justin Verlander Mystery:"

It was Sunday afternoon and Justin Verlander, a pitcher/amateur private detective, was just minding his own business in the Tigers dugout. His team was playing the White Sox, and everyone was anxious to know if David Price would come out for the seventh inning.

But a moment passed, and nothing happened. Then another. Then another. No one was on the mound! Was Tom Gorzelanny wearing an Invisibility Cloak? Was Brad Ausmus counting on the ghosts of Tigers past to pitch to the White Sox? Of course not - a mystery was afoot, and Justin knew he'd be the one to solve it.

Thanks to his apprenticeship with the great Sherlock Holmes (it was a whole time-traveling, multiple universes thing that really deserves its own book deal), Justin knew what the best tool of detection was … talking to the people who might know what was going on. So that's what he did:


He discovered that his manager thought Price was pitching the inning, but Price had no idea! Justin went to find David in the clubhouse. But Alex Wilson was warmed up, so he came out of the bullpen and pitched the seventh and part of the eighth, allowing no runs and one hit. Later, in the bottom of the ninth, James McCann hit a walk-off home run and everyone lived happily ever after.


This has been "The Case of the Missing David Price: A Justin Verlander Mystery." We hope you liked it, because it's already been made into a movie:

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