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Watch A-Rod celebrate after his nephew was taken by the Marlins in the 2017 Draft

When Joe Dunand was picked 51st overall by the Marlins in the 2017 MLB Draft on Monday night, his celebration was a little different than most draftees. That's because he's Alex Rodriguez's nephew. With A-Rod along to watch the Draft (and perhaps expense the bill for any pizza and sodas to A-Rod Corp), the North Carolina State University shortstop got the noogie of all noogies from his friends and the former slugger. 

You can check out the reaction below: 

Celebrating tonight... Lil' Joe is a Marlin! @joedunand #ProudUncle #DNA #familia #305

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It's a moment that was almost destined since Dunand's birth: 

Given that Dunand and Rodriguez both call Miami home, it's fitting the shortstop was drafted by the Marlins. Though it would be foolish to predict another 600-plus home runs for the nephew of A-Rod, his swing looks geared for plenty of dingers, too.