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Adrian Beltre broke three bats against Garrett Richards in one game, sent him an invoice after

Beltre sends Richards an invoice for broken bats

Anyone who says that baseball players have it easy because they play a game for a living very clearly didn't stop to consider the kind of hardship a player must go through when he ruins all of his personal bats.

Adrian Beltre has a bit of a reputation for liking things a certain way (if you don't believe us, we dare you to try to touch his head). Over the weekend, Beltre had the misfortune of hitting against Angels pitcher Garrett Richards, who proceeded to saw through three of Beltre's personal bats in a single afternoon.

And just like the rest of us, Beltre felt as though he shouldn't have to foot the bill for the cost of doing business as a professional, so he decided to put the bats on his expense account and sent an official invoice to Richards.

Richards might be a better sport than we'd have been. Somehow we doubt that Beltre included a screenshot of the receipts documenting the purchase of those bats at full retail price. Sounds like someone's working the system.

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