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Alcides Escobar's hands have seen a lot of baseball this year

Alcides Escobar's hands have seen a lot of baseball

Baseball isn't always pretty. Sometimes it's downright gnarly.

Just take a look at Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar's right hand during the seventh inning of Friday's ALCS Game 1:


While setting up a double play in the bottom of the sixth, Escobar started moving his right hand into his glove just a smidge early and the ball nicked his ring finger enough to do a bit of damage. Add to that a full season's worth of wear and tear at short, and, well, you get a calloused hand like Escobar's.

Escobar -- who kick-started the Royals scoring with a solo home run in the top of the third inning -- tended briefly to his hand in the dugout and avoided high-fiving teammates with it, but he was right back out there to man short come the seventh inning.

Which was no surprise, considering Escobar was one of only four players to play all 162 games this season -- and he's not done yet. 


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