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Alex Wood tried to stay in a game by refusing to shake Don Mattingly's hand

Alex Wood was having a pretty great time pitching against the Rockies on Wednesday night. After allowing a single to Kyle Parker in the second inning, he simply refused to give up any more hits. In total, he threw 8 innings of shutout ball and just 78 pitches.

But you know what they say -- all good things must come to an end. Eventually you have to leave the party, sooner or later the beach closes for winter and ultimately Kenley Jansen must come in for the save. However, Alex Wood tried to delay the inevitable by avoiding Don Mattingly's "good work, now have a seat" handshake for as long as possible:


OK, so he didn't hold out for very long. But don't worry -- Wood got the win, Jansen only gave up one hit and the Dodgers won, 2-0