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The search for other intelligent life in the universe just ended at Nationals Park

Alien life form decides to check out Nationals game

We as a civilization have been trying to contact other intelligent life in the universe for decades, and at long last, we've finally succeeded. An alien was spotted just relaxing in the stands at Nationals Park during Saturday's game against the Marlins:


So how did we make contact? Was it the golden record aboard Voyager 1? Did Stephen Hawking's new project have an extremely sudden breakthrough? Does it have something to do with this guy? 


We have another idea.

You know all those balls that Bryce Harper has been hitting balls into deep space over the years? Somewhere in a star cluster far, far away, just after making what was surely the universe's greatest fan catch, an alien thought, "I should get tickets before the season's over."

Harper acknowledged the visit by hitting his 41st homer of the year, presumably to attract an even wider extraterrestrial audience. 

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