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Andre Rienzo's whiff followed by a double is a guaranteed mood lifter

If you were looking to be entertained on a rough Monday back to work, then Marlins pitcher Andre Rienzo is your answer. The Brazilian right-hander has already grown out his long blonde locks, returning the pageboy look we lost when Greinke chopped his off

But he saved his best for when he came to the plate in the top of the ninth. With his first swing, he gave us a taste of early Bartolo (you know, before he became a hit machine), though he managed to keep his helmet on. Then, in the span of the same at-bat, he learned -- like a terrifying robot achieving sentience -- and he lashed a double to right field. Even his hitting coach, Barry Bonds,found joy in the moment. 


So if you're having a Garfield kind of Monday, just watch the GIF above and feel your spirit soar.