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Andy Green (jokingly) suggests a Home Run Derby after the 12th inning to shorten games

For a brief moment, Andy Green almost seemed serious about his plan to streamline extra-inning games.

"Probably after the 12th inning, I'd have a Home Run Derby," the Padres skipper said with a smirk. "The fans would gravitate to that, save the arms, let those guys hit. It'd be like a shootout in soccer."

He even gave his proposed stipulations:

"You get your own BP guy, you get 10 swings, you got three guys you put out there. Whoever hits the most homers."

Green's comments come in the wake of the announcement that the Minor Leagues will test a rule where a runner starts on second base in extras. It has sparked plenty of fierce debate among baseball fans.

During his media gathering on Thursday, Green was asked how he would tinker with the format. He certainly went outside the box with his proposal.

He also gave no indication he was kidding -- that is, until he mentioned bench coach Mark McGwire.

"Maybe we even have a staff member hit," he joked. "We've got Big Mac, so I like our chances."

It might not be the fairest way to settle a baseball game, and it doesn't exactly go along with the spirit of the game, but we're not going to argue with the entertainment value of seeing McGwire in another Derby setting in San Diego. He did win the event in 1992 at Jack Murphy Stadium, after all.

AJ Cassavell covers the Padres for Follow him on Twitter @ajcassavell.