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Angels fan makes excellent foul catch, high fives everyone in Anaheim

Angels fan celebrates well-caught foul ball

If you've ever read our Fan Catch Hall of Fame series, you'll know that great fan catches are built around a few major criteria: degree of difficulty, artistry and post-catch flair. On Monday, Angel Stadium was gifted a catch that will likely score high on all three.

During the top of the fifth inning of a matchup between the Marlins and Angels, one young fan snared a foul ball off the bat of Miami third baseman Casey McGehee. It was a particularly difficult attempt, but the fan seemed to have no issue reeling it in with some nice glove work:


And then, of course, he celebrated by high fiving everyone in Southern California:

HighFives.gif tracked down the young fan, who claimed he predicted the whole thing.

Moments before the catch, he asked a friend to borrow his glove, saying, "The next pitch, I bet I'll catch a fly ball, a foul ball. And then the next pitch, I caught it."

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