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Listen to this charming story about Monte Irvin hitting line drives into the Atlantic Ocean

On Monday, Hall of Famer Monte Irvin passed away at 96 years old. He played in the Negro Leagues for most of his career, but at the age of 30, he became the seventh African American to cross the color line. Along with Willie Mays and Hank Thompson, he was part of MLB's first all-black outfield in Game 1 of the 1951 World Series.

Irvin was also friends with Arnold Hano, the author of "A Day in the Bleachers," and one summer, Hano invited him to spend a weekend on Fire Island with himself and his family. Once neighborhood kids found out that Irvin was in town, they demanded he come out and play ball with them. Click play below to hear Hano reminisce about Irvin hitting line drives into the ocean and playing catch with his 9-year-old daughter: