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This Astros prospect hit his first home run of the season ... and his dad caught the ball

On Saturday, Astros prospect Conrad Gregor hit his first home run of the season for the Class A Quad Cities River Bandits. When Gregor looked into the stands to see who caught the ball, he saw a familiar face:

"That was my dad."

It turns out Gregor's parents traveled to Iowa to catch the game against the Cedar Rapids Kernels, and wound up providing some good luck -- that three-run homer helped power the River Bandits to a 5-2 win.

Of course, in return for the good luck, Gregor made sure his father got a souvenir.

"He may have to watch every game from out there," joked the 22-year-old first baseman. Although, we don't think his father would complain too much about that assignment.