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Justin Upton nearly decapitated his brother B.J. with a line drive

There was little love lost between Justin and B.J. Upton in the City of Brotherly Love on Monday night. In the top of the seventh inning, Justin ripped a hard liner foul down the third-base line, just past where his older bro happened to be taking his lead.

The line drive caused B.J. and third base coach Doug Dascenzo to hit the dirt in fear for their lives. Lying on the ground, his heart rate slowly returning to normal, B.J. gave Justin some, umm, choice words that are not covered in the Associated Press Stylebook. 

With Justin Upton hitting .386/.471/.705 this season, seemingly smacking balls wherever he desires, he'll have a difficult time explaining the shot to B.J. And if the Uptons' relationship is anything like me and my sister, Justin should expect to wake up tomorrow morning to a stern phone call from his mother. 

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