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Watch Babe Ruth crush an exhibition home run before his final Major League season

Over 70 years after his final Major League season, there is still a case to be made that Babe Ruth is the greatest Major Leaguer to ever play. But even the immortals aren't immune to age. After joining the Boston Braves at the age of 40 in 1935, Ruth showed mere glimpses of the player he once was, hitting just .181/.359/.431 with six home runs before hanging them up at the end of May. 

Of course, because this was Ruth, not only was that final performance nearly 20 percent better than league average, but he could still hit the ball a country mile. And he did so while playing in an exhibition game at Newark's Ruppert Stadium before the season started on April 7. 


Even better, as baseball's official historian John Thorn pointed out, he hit two home runs that day before being lifted for a pinch-hitter in the sixth inning. Facing Dartmouth's Bob Miller, Ruth crushed the 3-0 offering an estimated 500 feet. According to Lou Effrat of the New York Times, "It was the longest shot ever made at Ruppert Stadium."

You can watch the Sultan of Swat hit one out in the video above. Listen to the roar of the crowd, and don't ever let anyone tell you exhibition games aren't exciting.