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Beat reporter jinxes Mets balkless streak on twitter

If you don't believe in jinxes, this story may force you to change your mind.

Going into Thursday's Nationals-Mets doubleheader in Washington, the Flushing-based club was on the verge of becoming the first NL team in 15 years to complete a full season without committing a single balk.

In the bottom of the fifth inning of the first game of said doubleheader, beat reporter Anthony DiComo pointed that fact out on Twitter -- linking his followers to an in-depth article he wrote (since updated) about that incredible balk-less streak:

Just moments after tweeting that (seriously, look at the timestamps), this happened:


Yep. That's a balk.

DiComo was ... distraught:

Let this be a lesson to us all: jinxes are very real. Be careful.

DiComo, for his part, tried to turn the tables on fate:

We'll keep you updated on how that turns out for him.

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