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Bees swarm Dodger Stadium looking to land a movie deal

Bees: humankind's greatest aerial threat. 

While mountain lions patrol the ground and weaponized potatoes hold strong in the subterranean levels, bees cover the air, blotting out the sun with their deadly swarms. Already this season they've terrorized a spring training game and Chase Field with their buzzing, stinging ways.

But after seeing Godzilla earn over $170 million at the box office, the bees headed to Los Angeles for the same reason everyone else does: to get in the movies.

Figuring that all the bees needed for their own disaster pic was some publicity, the buzzing creatures camped out in left field before the start of the Pirates - Dodgers game on Sunday:

Dodgers bees

Unfortunately for the bees, their little publicity stunt backfired. Not only did the Dodgers remove the bees, but their script was called a "pale imitation of  The Swarm" among the Hollywood insiders who read it.