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Watch very strong man Bryce Harper deadlift 505 pounds

Look, it may be impossible to understand how strong Bryce Harper really is. We can watch him mash baseballs into the Andromeda Galaxy, sure, but until humanity achieves interstellar travel, we may never know just how far his home runs reach. We can gaze upon his bulging muscles, but their latent power escapes rational thought. His true strength seems unfathomable.

So it's nice of him to occasionally show, explicitly, how strong he truly is:

Back is rounded a bit, but at #505 I'll take it! ����#noOFFseason VC: mark philippi

A video posted by Bryce Harper (@bharper3407) on

Yes, Harper's offseason workout routine apparently includes deadlifting more than twice his bodyweight. Also, he appeared to be smiling during this a few days ago:

Hm, did we say he mashes homers into the Andromeda Galaxy? We may have to expand the map a little bit for 2017.