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This cameraman made one of the smoothest catches of ALCS Game 3

Being a cameraman for the postseason is a difficult thing -- you've got to follow the action of the game through a little screen and have good enough reflexes to catch bang-bang plays as they happen, all while the whole country watches your every tilt, pan and zoom. Plus, now you've got the added pressure of knowing your camera angle might be the fateful one called upon in the umpires' replay review center to ensure a pivotal play is ruled correctly.

And if all of that wasn't enough, you've also got to worry about foul balls, too! Well, unless you're this guy from ALCS Game 3:


Yeah, he's got nothing to worry about. Check out the soft hands and the super casual reaction -- that, friends, is how it's done. Even Gold Glove Award winner Adam Jones seemed mesmerized: