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After years of hitting them hard, balls and bats are finally rebelling against Carlos Gomez

Bats and balls are rebelling against Carlos Gomez

There comes a time with any great hitter when his equipment begins to fear him and, as a result, begins an all-out revolt. It happened last year with Orioles slugger Chris Davis:


And it's happening now with Brewers star Carlos Gomez.

It started small during Wednesday's game against the Giants, with his bat acting out and trying to trip him up en route to first base:


But by the sixth inning, it turned into a full-on rebellion, with baseballs hurling themselves in Gomez's direction:


You'll recall that just a few weeks ago, he tried (and failed) to break a bat over his knee -- we're guessing that was just about the last straw for his gear:


No word yet on whether or not Gomez's cleats and glove are planning a sneak attack, but he would be wise to consider alternative options.

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