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Watch Charlie Blackmon make a backward, half-court shot at the Nuggets game

Charlie Blackmon attended the Nuggets game with some of his Rockies teammates at Pepsi Center on Thursday night. They were all back in town for Rockies Fest.

That's cool. That's fun. Teams supporting teams. I can dig that.

But Blackmon, the man who works out in batman capes and maintains a beard that has more twists and turns than the Triwizard Maze in Harry Potter, was not satisfied with just sitting there and watching the game. He needed to do something more. Something to inspire his co-city brethren. Something grand. So, at halftime, he proceeded to do this:

Let's get a closer look and watch as Blackmon "lost control" of his body. 

We're just glad Russell Westbrook wasn't in the building.