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Watch the White Sox play an epic game of Hot Potato

It's been 27 years since the world was gifted with Sylvester Stallone's arm wrestling classic, Over the Top, but somehow no major studio has yet greenlit the epic hot potato movie we've always wanted. 

The above clip of the Chicago White Sox playing the keep-it-up game, complete with an action-packed '80s synth score, can only be seen as a successful proof of concept.

I mean, the movie practically writes itself: The White Sox, on a mid-season off day, enter a hot potato tournament. Chicago easily defeats the competition, but their success draws the attention of the CIA -- who need the players to infiltrate an enemy organization's tournament in order to extract important information. Naturally, hijinks ensue as the White Sox players not only face danger in the competition, but hefty fines from their manager if they're not back at US Cellular Field in time for that evening's ballgame. 

Movie execs, I hope you're paying attention. 

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