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Albert Almora Jr. wasn't the first person to rob Matt Adams of a home run at Busch Stadium

History, as we know, repeats itself. You know who really understands that? Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams.

Maybe you saw Albert Almora Jr. rob Adams of a home run during the Cubs' 2-1 victory on Tuesday night. Just watch:


Well, it turns out this has happened to Adams before. On June 20, 2013, Adams hit what was sure to be a home run to almost the same spot at Busch Stadium. Back then, Almora Jr. was 19 years old and still in the Minor Leagues, so that ball went out, right? Well, no -- Ryan Sweeney had something to say about it: 


Though the Cardinals won that game, 6-1, there would be no big fly for Adams. Even four years later, he still can't couldn't catch a break. Well, at least he's learned about history's cyclical nature.