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This young Cubs fan burst into tears when he was surprised with a trip to Wrigley Field

Seeing your favorite team in their home stadium for the first time as a child is a quasi-religious experience. Many of us can probably remember everything -- the weather, the taste of the hot dogs, which utility infielder either gave you the greatest of victories or the worst of losses. Sadly, before the age of cell phones, there was no proof of your reaction when you were gifted with tickets. 

That's not a problem for this young Cubs fan. Kolt, a 9-year-old Cubs fan, was rewarded for his hard work with two tickets to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play the Cardinals. Fortunately, his sister captured footage of his amazing reaction: 

He certainly earned the trip with his Dad. Not only did he immediately agree to his father's request to do something that's "going to take a whole day to do it" -- certainly sounding more like a difficult task than an outing to the ballpark -- but Kolt's sister Hannah told ABC News in an email that her brother not only has been working on the farm, playing travel baseball and participating in Cub Scouts, but he recently "got two pigs to show for 4H for the first time, so he's had to work extra hard." 

Given the tears of joy that Kolt couldn't contain, this is a young fan that will certainly cherish the trip. To make things even better, Kris Bryant is excited for the trip, too: 

David Ross wants to meet him: 

And to top it all off, Anthony Rizzo will have some batting practice passes waiting there, too: 

Kolt will be ready when he meets his two new friends, too. He's already got the Bryzzo Souvenir Company celebration down: