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All-Stars Daniel Murphy and Ender Inciarte have strong opinions on soccer's transfer season

A lot of baseball players have a deep and unconditional love for what might be the other majorly global sport: Soccer.

Yes, a lot of that has to do with ballplayers coming from countries as diverse as the Netherlands or Japan. But those international players aren't the only ones who love the other global game. Nationals All-Star second baseman Daniel Murphy is as passionate a fan as it gets.

Murphy's a longtime supporter of England's Tottenham Hotspur (he fell in love with them in a video game), and with soccer's offseason in full-swing, he's made sure to stay up on all the current transfer rumors. You can hear his thoughts on the team's future in the video up above.

Braves outfielder Ender Inciarte has a similar love, but for a different club: world icons Real Madrid. One Madrid player left the club just this week, which is a shame for Inciarte. Find out why in this clip:

Cespedes Family BBQ also had the chance to talk footy with Mariners prospect Thyago Vieira, who hails from one of soccer's most famous nations: Brazil. Vieira has a lot of favorite players from his country, but only one has an iconic hairstyle: