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Dave Roberts accidentally screened Vin Scully's call, but he got a nice voicemail from him anyway

Dave Roberts mistakenly screens call from Vin Scully

Dave Roberts has been busy the past few weeks, what with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the small fact that he was recently named the Dodgers' new manager. So it's no surprise that he hasn't had time to answer every phone call he's received. In his introductory news conference on Tuesday, he told a story about not answering a call from an unknown number. But when he listened to the voicemail, he recognized the caller right away.

Basically, Roberts screened a "congratulations" phone call from Vin Scully, even though the broadcaster took time out of his own 88th birthday to make it. Don't worry, though -- the story has a happy ending. Click play above to hear it. 

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