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Departing Mets field reporter Kevin Burkhardt thanks fans

Mets field reporter Kevin Burkhardt thanks fans

This week, Kevin Burkhardt is wrapping up his 8th and final season as the New York Mets field reporter for SNY. As someone the fans have embraced and loved, and interacted with on Twitter and at the ballpark, the beloved Burkhardt is surely going to be missed.

When reflecting on his time covering the Mets, the New Jersey native and longtime fan of the Amazin's said, "I think it's one of those things where I kind of have to pinch myself when it's all over."

Since 2006, Burkhardt has done pretty much everything a field reporter can do including kayaking in McCovey Cove, exploring the insides of the Green Monster, being an honorary grounds crew member at Citi Field and educating fans on the nuances of sabermetrics.

While it's time for Kevin to move on to other things, he made sure to send one more message to the fans, "I think the biggest thing that I can say to you fans is thank you."

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