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Giancarlo Stanton smashed a monster, 117-mph homer to the Western Metal Supply Co. building

Entering Saturday night's win-or-go-home game against the Dominican Republic, Giancarlo Stanton was struggling in this year's World Baseball Classic. The slugger whose rippling biceps have been covered in an American flag-themed sleeve had collected just one hit in his first 10 at-bats. 

But baseball is all about responding to failure. With the score tied at 2 and runner on first in the top of the fourth, Stanton responded to that failure the way only he can: With a sonic boom of a home run to the Western Metal Supply Co. building.

I've heard rumors that if you play the highlight backward and at half speed, you'll hear "The Star Spangled Banner."

Just look at Stanton's reaction. Yes, he could be making sure the ball stayed fair, but he could also have stunned himself with how hard he hit Ervin Santana's offering: 


Even other Major Leaguers were impressed: 

Not only was it a huge home run in a big situation, it was also the fourth-hardest hit home run since Statcast™ came to life in 2015.