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A Giants fan just missed catching a foul ball, and his friends were there to rub it in

The Giants topped the Rockies on Thursday night, 7-2, keeping their one game lead for the NL's second Wild Card spot. It was a good win -- and one that may have short-circuited Hunter Pence. But if we're talking personal battles, one Giants fan was not quite as lucky as his favorite team.
When Brandon Crawford fouled off a pitch in the seventh inning, sending it sailing high into the stands, one fan was in perfect position to reel it in. He just had to reach out over the railing and … well, whatever the opposite of this is, that's what happened.

His friends, as friends are wont to do, were right there to point out just how close he came, which I'm sure he found super helpful. 
But hey, remember: The Giants won, they're still in line for the postseason and, most importantly, AT&T Park's skateboarding dog was back. Missing a foul ball isn't so bad, when you think about it.