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The Giants tried to pick off Bryce Harper with a sneak attack from center field

Giants try to pick off Harper using center fielder

During Saturday's game against the Nationals, the Giants experimented with a rather unique pick-off move. Bryce Harper had a bit of a lead off second base, so they tried to get him out … using center fielder Gregor Blanco.

For something as odd as this to work, it would require Blanco to sneak into the infield as smoothly as a ninja cat. However, that's not quite what happened:


Presumably, Harper could hear Blanco shuffling across the grass behind him. Or perhaps Wilson Ramos shouting and pointing got his attention:


Either way, Harper was safe and Blanco returned to his position, loser in this particular round of Spy vs. Spy. But if the Giants ever start wearing full camo uniforms, baserunners across the land had better beware. 

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