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Watch the Royals pack 29 years of celebrating into their first postseason party since 1985

Royals celebrate first postseason spot since 1985

To beat the White Sox on Friday night, Royals catcher Salvador Perez caught a popup foul for the final out:


And George Brett's shout of triumph rose up into the air, letting the heavens know that the Royals were headed to their first postseason appearance since 1985: 


Though the Royals clinched away from their home stadium, there were plenty of KC fans at US Cellular Field. They were not afraid to make their presence known:

Even from across the globe: 

And they came with instructions: 


Which the team was only too happy to follow: 


Ned Yost probably should have brought an umbrella, or possibly a set of rain boots: 


Because almost three decades worth of champagne could fill a small lake, or potentially the entire visitors' clubhouse:  


Starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie had a few things to say: 

Oh, and his speech in the clubhouse was pretty good too: 

Eventually the party came back to the fans: 



And we know that somewhere, this guy is soaking it all in:


They've got 29 years' worth of celebrating to do -- hopefully the Royals will have the chance to spread it out over the rest of October. 

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