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You have never felt anything as deeply as this young Pirates fan

You've never felt anything as deeply as this Bucs fan

In the future, as robots grow more powerful and plot to take over the world, they'll need to know how to approximate human emotion. You know, so they can more successfully hide amongst us before crushing our bones in their powerful steel jaws. 

Chances are, they're going to use this young Pirates fan as their source material for the wide spectrum of human feeling. Because no one has ever felt so much in such a small period of time. 

After the Pirates took a 5-4 lead over the Nationals going into the bottom of the 9th on Sunday, it looked like Pittsburgh's four-game losing streak was going to be history. But the Nationals mounted a comeback. And this fan wasn't very happy.

After Jayson Werth walked to put the tying run on base in the bottom of the 9th: 


Emotion: Stewing anger and resentment

Intensity: 6

Likely thought: "I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. In who all of you are as people. But again, I'm not mad." 

And when Denard Span singled Werth over to third: 

Sad fan

Emotion: Confused despair

Intensity: 9

Likely thought: "I don't? What is? How did I get here?" 

He still wasn't over that Denard Span hit:

Pirates fan

Emotion:  Deep bone frustration

Intensity Level: 10

Likely thought: "I always knew the world was unfair. I just didn't know it'd be such a steaming pile of *&%$ along the way."  

He was able to bounce back briefly when Adam LaRoche struck out to send the game to extra innings: 

Sad fan

Emotion: Raw excitement. 

Intensity: 9


Sadly, this young child soon learned that joy is only temporary. Because in the 11th inning, Jayson Werth, who started this whole emotional malestrom, scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly from Scott Hairston. The game was now over.

Sad fan

Emotion: A moment of hope exstinguished by exisistential despair

Intensity: 10

Likely thought: "It appeared to me with such clarity, the whole of existence blooming before me. Nothing matters. Not once and not ever."