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Paul Goldschmidt's triple doesn't drop, nachos fly into air … is gravity a figment of our imagination?

America's First Baseman had an important message he wanted to impart to the people of Arizona on Monday: "Gravity is, just, like, an idea. Free yourself from the shackles of what the scientists tell you is truth! Reality is malleable!" 

Of course, what that means to Paul Goldschmidt is hitting laser-guided rockets that refuse to drop, ensuring that no center fielder could possibly get a read on them: 


Of course, Goldschmidt playing with the physics that govern existence would have consequences. In the top of the next inning, a delicious plate of nachos' gravitational field had grown eight times its normal size and basically forced Eric Young Jr.'s foul to come crashing into it. Such a shame. That plate was one day away from retirement.