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Of course Jim Thome once set a home run ball free onto Eutaw Street

Once Jim Thome set home run ball free on Eutaw Street

When broadcasters call home runs, "it's outta here" tends to mean "it's in the stands now" and not "it's out of this actual address, is now on the way to the bus stop and might stop for a drink on its way home." But that, friends, is exactly what happened on Sept. 5, 1999, when Jim Thome hit one out of Camden Yards and all the way onto Eutaw Street.


Sure, you might say, that's cool, but home runs that land on Eutaw Street are not terribly uncommon. Chris Davis hit one there in August of this year. But that wasn't even the longest of Thome's 612 home runs (good, by the way, for seventh on the all-time list). Earlier that year, on July 3, he hit a 511-foot blast out of Progressive Field:

It was so majestic that there's even a statue depicting it. Yes, Thome's feat of power got the same treatment as Roman emperors and deeply beloved pets. Call us biased, but we think Thome's is the most museum-worthy of them all. 

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