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Jon Jay used sleight of hand to turn a Pirates run into a pretend ground-rule double

Jay turns Pirates run into faux ground-rule double

Let's just take a look at Jon Jay's resume for a moment. He played for the University of Miami, was drafted by the Cardinals in 2006, made his debut in '10, is clearly a member of the Magician's Alliance and picked up a World Series ring in '11.

Wait. What was that second to last thing?


In case that clearly authentic picture doesn't convince you, let's look at the second game of Wednesday's Cardinals-Pirates doubleheader for more evidence. It was the bottom of the eighth inning and the Pirates had a runner on first. Chris Stewart came in to pinch-hit and took a fastball from Kevin Siegrist to center field.

Then it was time for Jay to work his magic. The ball bounced on the warning track, and Jay acted like went over the outfield wall and was thrown back:


The ball definitely hit the warning track, but it never left the field. Jay's trick worked, and Stewart was held to a pretend ground-rule double, preventing a run from scoring.

Oh, sorry, we didn't mean trick -- we meant illusion. Not that it matters, because we just revealed Jay's secret and we're pretty sure we just got him kicked out of the Alliance. 

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