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Listen to Julianna Zobrist sing the national anthem at Wrigley Field

Ben Zobrist picked up a World Series ring with the Royals last year, and now, he's working on a 16-game hit streak with the Cubs (and batting .426 across those 16 games, in case you were wondering). Even though he's been mostly sticking to second base in Chicago (with a sprinkle of right field here and there), he's basically the Swiss army knife of position players.

He can do almost anything … but can he sing the national anthem? Luckily, we don't have to watch him try, because his wife Julianna has it down. Before the Cubs' 2-0 victory over the Dodgers on Memorial Day, she sang the Star-Spangled Banner at Wrigley Field. Watch the video above to listen to it. Here's her husband's review:


The Zobrists are a power couple who will rule the world someday (they've already set up their daughter to be queen of everything, anyway).