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Justin Upton stole a Jose Abreu home run (and the celebratory fireworks that came with it)

In the bottom of the third inning of Sunday's Tigers-White Sox game, Jose Abreu hit what appeared to be a home run off Anibal Sanchez. But looks can be deceiving, especially when Justin Upton is in left field: 


What you can't see in this GIF: the fireworks going off to celebrate Abreu's home run that wasn't. You can hear it, though, so be sure to click play above to listen to the pop-pop-pop of the pyrotechnics guy accidentally feting Upton's amazing catch.

"I thought I had plenty of room. It just kept carrying," Upton told's Jason Beck. "When I got to the wall, I kind of knew where I was and I had to jump."

And really, who can say this catch didn't deserve its own fireworks? There are no mistakes here, only happy accidents. And the White Sox still won the game, 5-4, which got a celebration of its very own.